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Phase I – Decide On Your M14 Upgrades

Step 1 - Decisions Decisions
Check out our available parts and services and decide what you want for your M14 project. (If you don’t see what you’re looking for, make a note of it for later.)
Step 2 - Let's Talk!

Shoot us an email with what you’d like to have done with your M14 build. Within 48 hours, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your project. Have a pen and paper handy for our call so you can take notes on what you need.

Step 3 - Make It Official

After we’ve talked about your project, we will email you a copy of our workorder which will accompany your project to our shop.

Phase II – Package Up Your M14 and Parts

Step 1 - Put all of it together
You’ve already outlined the M14 rifle and parts that you’re sending in on the Work Order Form from the steps above. Use it as a packing list to make sure you have everything we need.
Step 2 - Pack it Up

It’s not required but it is ideal if you wrap each part individually before you place it into the shipping box. This helps prevent loss and helps to ensure parts aren’t damaged during transit.

Step 3 - Box it Up
Make sure your box has a minimum Edge Crush Test value of 44 ECT. This M14 is your pride and joy – an heirloom to some. Don’t go cheap on the shipping box to save a few bucks. Ensure you use sufficient packing and fill to eliminate any movement of parts inside of the shipping box. Tape up the box using high-quality shipping tape.
Step 4 - The Drop
You are required by law to notify the shipping company that there is a firearm in your package. Companies such as FedEx and UPS will require you to drop it off at their main depots. It is highly recommended that you have your shipment fully insured and that you get tracking.
Step 5 - Check Tracking # Religously
Just kidding here (sort of). Once we receive the package, we’ll send you notification that the package arrived safely.

Wait Your Prescribed Time

Day Turnaround

Day Turnaround

Day Turnaround

Phase III – Receive Your M14


Get the Call

We’ll give you a call as soon as your rifle is test fired and finished to our satisfaction.


Make Your Payment

Once payment is made, we’ll ship out your M14 right away. Since it was only out for service, we don’t need to ship it to an FFL. We’ll ship it straight to your door.


Receive Your M14

It’s what you’ve been waiting for. Open up that box, admire your M14, and then see what she can do.