The Wolfe Modified Fiberglass (Mod-Fib) M14 Stock is a custom stock that has the strength and durability of a high-end national match stock, without the weight or price tag. The Wolfe mod-fib stock can be bedded to your rifle using our alignment bedding process, which gives you many of the benefits of full contact bedding, but with the ability to remove the stock from the action for cleaning and maintenance without damaging the bedding material.

There are three features that set this stock apart from the competition:

  1. We first install a contoured stainless steel insert.  This skeleton is shaped and permanently bonded to the stock channel. This permanently bonded insert fits perfectly to the stock using a proprietary method developed by us.
  2. Next we install a section of aluminum angle into the selector cut-out that is also permanently bonded to the stock and for heavy-duty applications we install a cross bolt that ties both sides together.
  3. We then apply our Iron Clad finish which serves as a tough outer shell and base for the final coat of your choice of Cerakote®.